So squishy I’m gonna die!

A couple months back I bought 3 skeins of Malabrigo Lace yarn at a moving sale at my LYS. Ever since then I have been drooling over 1500 yards of beautiful lace weight wool. I even resorted to cuddling it close to my face a couple of times. Patterns came and went but I never found a project worthy of the yarn. That is, until I saw the Die Cut Vest on the cover of Knit.Wear Magazine.


The pattern is knit in a linen yarn and I was a little skeptical about knitting this up in a fluffy wool. I am pleasantly surprised by the way the pattern is knitting up although I am a little uncomfortable with the idea of a wool vest. In the Northeast it might not make a ton sense to have a sleeveless wool garment. I may end up adding sleeves at some point but for now I am planning to follow the pattern. Here is my progress on the lace portion. I love the way it looks and I can’t wait to see it blocked out! Even more, it just feels so wonderful and squishy.


With that, I’m off for a day full of fiber lust with my boyfriend and his mom. I have plans to find a red floral fabric to match this odd skein of Malabrigo lace. I bought it at the same time as the pink and again, have been drooling over the color for about 5 months. Not only is it beautiful, it shares my name! I’m thinking it will look wonderful in a geometric lace/fabric hybrid project. More to come on that. It will be a patternless adventure.



Finishing Mornings

Two out of five morning this week I have woken up early enough to knit before leaving for work (actually three out of five but I chose to run yesterday). Time like this is invaluable to me as a way to prep for the day ahead. I might have to make this a regular thing.

This week, my mornings have been devoted to finishing. Sewing up seams, weaving in ends, setting things to block. Both of the projects I have finished this week are gifts so unfortunately I can’t post pictures quite yet. They will be coming soon though and I am so excited about them. Continuing with my knitting themes as of late, they feature original patterns and colorwork!



No longer a sweater but not quite yarn.

One of my favorite knitting feats is ripping out a thrifted sweater and knitting it into a new design. I have done it twice before and both times I have been immensely pleased with the results. You can see one of my finished pieces here. Pictures of my most recent project to come soon, hopefully. There are several things I love about this process.

1. You can find sweater quantities of high quality yarn for SUPER cheap. Think Angora, Silk, Wool blends for $10 a sweater. Simply irresistible.

2. Come on folks, frogging is fun. Admit it.

3. There is something beautiful about seeing an ugly thrift store sweater transformed into a garment that someone would actually want to wear. It really reinforces my love for the process of knitting to see a garment come full circle.

I am currently ripping out this red cotton sweater. The yarn is sportweight-ish. Not quite sure but that seems about right. I think I will knit it up into either the Everyday Linen Pullover or the Sweatshirt Sweater. Thoughts?

One potential problem I see with this particular sweater is that it appears to have been knitted white and then dyed red as a whole garment. I haven’t encountered this before in a sweater that I have ripped out.

If I actually get a chance sometime, I will post some instructions on how to do it. I haven’t ever read anything on how to pull apart a sweater. As with most of my knitting projects, I just decide to do it and hope everything works out. More often than not it does, by some crazy stroke of luck. Hence the blog title.






A colorwork obsession

In my newest obsession with knitting, I have embarked on a number of projects to practice my colorwork. Recent adventures have been a pair of argyle socks, a color block sweater, a plaid experiment (a secret as of yet), and this: a striped necktie.


Inspiration for the project comes from my boyfriend’s love for knitted ties and this striped scarf pattern from Purlbee. I went into the store last weekend and fell in love with the stitch pattern from their shop sample.

Pictures of my other colorwork projects are coming soon.