Germany, in Terms of Yarn

I just returned from my first trip to Germany and I want to go back already. I had the amazing opportunity to travel with my boyfriend and his family for a week and a half. The German countryside was amazing. We spent many days hiking in the alps and ate far too much Coffee and Cake (a customary afternooon treat). I was delightfully surprised by German knitting culture. Imagine walking into the grocery store to a rack full of Regia sock yarn for under six euros a skein. Pure joy. Hand knitted socks were visible everywhere. I was especially excited to see beautifully crafted cabled socks worn by men in Leiderhosen. They were obviously custom shaped to each person’s calf. I have a serious ambition to add some custom cabled socks to my queue.

Of course I couldn’t escape without purchasing some delicious yarn. Here are some photos (courtesy of my boyfriend, hereby known as JB) of my German yarn tour.


Germans really have the whole font thing down.


Choices, choices, choices.

JB picked out some sock yarn for a new pair of Argyles. Hopefully the superwash yarn will help him refrain from felting these ones.


And some organic cotton for me. I couldn’t wait to cast on my Cap Sleeve Lattice Top from Purl Bee. It’s almost finished. Stay tuned for updates.


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