Meadowlands: a Flea and a Sweater

ImageI finished my Hitch finally! I am calling my version Meadowlands in honor of the awesome flea market that we used as a backdrop for photos. How beautiful is that sky and more importantly how handsome is that man next to me?

ImageHahaha, we had a great day at the market with friends. I found an awesome collapsible metal shopping basket (pictured clearly below) and we happened upon this adorable handmade dollhouse. Just the sort I always wanted to make when I was younger. I will have to give my dreams another go when I have kids of my own because this was darling.

ImageMy favorite things about this sweater are the slouchy construction (so cozy), the cables which lay remarkably flat, and the garter stitch edges. I have an interesting love affair with wide garter stitch bands. They are super simple but somehow elegant.

ImageA shot of the garter stitch neckline. Mmmmmm.

ImageAn an “epic” shot to finish the post. I think my face really shows the victorious feelings I have about finishing this sweater in time for Thanksgiving next week, especially because I have about four Christmas gifts on needles. I was a bit ambitious this year so I don’t know how reasonable it is that I will finish everything. You can find details on some of the projects on ravelry.

Happy Friday, I am back to writing finals!


Birthday Sweater and a Mishap

This post began in my head a few days ago when I finished the front of my Hitch.


I was making great progress on the back and was coming to the sleeve increases when I went to count the rows on the front just to make sure everything matched up. Sadly, I found this…



I dropped a stitch all the way at the bottom right above the waistband. Sad day! I remember splitting for the neck opening and being off by one stitch. I went through and looked for a dropped stitch but couldn’t find one so I just assumed that I had missed an increase somewhere along the way. I fudged the neckline to make up for the one stitch (I never worry about one stitch). I don’t really know what to do to save the little guy from dropping all the way down but I am determined to find a way because there is no way I am ripping out the entire front. I’m just about finished with the back now and I have plans to wear this on Thanksgiving weekend. I need finishing goals right now because I have exactly 4 Christmas knits on the needles with no end in sight…

Any suggestions on what to do with the dropped stitch? It is only 2 from the edge so it might be easy to pick up while I am seaming.

Hats for Everyone!

Well, maybe not hats for everyone, but here is a hat for one person…


The boyfriend is really good at felting wool items in the wash. His latest felting project was his winter hat which is now unusable. His last project was a beautiful pair of hand knit argyle socks. Those ones are still wearable, just VERY warm. To be honest, I am getting a little scared of knitting things for him but he has promised to be more careful from now on so here goes.


Hats are so gratifying, they are fast and super simple. What a great relief from all of the sweaters I have on needles. I knit this up in Cascade 220 that I had left over from other projects. Inside of the brim is on size 4 needles, and the main hat is on 7s.


This one has a double thick brim knitted in a contrast color for super warm ears. I did this by knitting the inside in red, knitting a purl row (for turning the brim) and starting up again in my main color until both sides were the same length. Then I knit the cast on row together with the main hat for one row. You can find a pattern that details this well here. Overall it creates an extremely stretchy and warm brim. I have used the same technique for the cuffs of mittens before.