Birthday Sweater and a Mishap

This post began in my head a few days ago when I finished the front of my Hitch.


I was making great progress on the back and was coming to the sleeve increases when I went to count the rows on the front just to make sure everything matched up. Sadly, I found this…



I dropped a stitch all the way at the bottom right above the waistband. Sad day! I remember splitting for the neck opening and being off by one stitch. I went through and looked for a dropped stitch but couldn’t find one so I just assumed that I had missed an increase somewhere along the way. I fudged the neckline to make up for the one stitch (I never worry about one stitch). I don’t really know what to do to save the little guy from dropping all the way down but I am determined to find a way because there is no way I am ripping out the entire front. I’m just about finished with the back now and I have plans to wear this on Thanksgiving weekend. I need finishing goals right now because I have exactly 4 Christmas knits on the needles with no end in sight…

Any suggestions on what to do with the dropped stitch? It is only 2 from the edge so it might be easy to pick up while I am seaming.


2 thoughts on “Birthday Sweater and a Mishap

    • Thanks for the tip! I am totally going to check this out tonight. I just finished the knitting today and I’m moving on to seaming and a good movie. Finished product coming soon!

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