Thoughts Amidst Christmas Knitting


My hands have been extremely busy these past couple of months with Christmas knitting. I am just about finished with t last gift. I am hoping to finish this weekend. Yikes! I think this is my biggest crafting holiday yet and I am super excited for my creations to make their way into the hands of all the people I love most.

Since I can’t share any gift photos can I jut share the beauty of a simple linen stitch? I’m knitting up a scarf out of some leftovers from my Hitch. Ahhhh, I love the motion of linen stitch and I love the way the stitches lay flat and perfect.

Also in non Christmas news, I have been saving this skein of Madeline Tosh sock yarn in colorway Violas as a reward for finishing my gift knits. In the bank it looks like flamingos on an AstroTurf lawn and I love it. I have been so good and haven’t even wound the skein. It’s my only motivation to finish quickly.



2 thoughts on “Thoughts Amidst Christmas Knitting

  1. Sometimes a tantalizing reward is exactly what you need to get you through the final push! I know it speeds up my needles.

    Good luck with your finishing! I can’t wait to see the finished gifts 🙂

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