New Years Resolutions

The other day my boyfriend asked me if I was going to make any resolutions for the new year. I honestly don’t think I have ever made a resolution before so the question really stumped me. I can’t really think about anything about my general life that I would really like to change but I do have some knitting goals that I need to make happen.

1. Year of Socks  One pair of socks a month for the whole year. Socks are one thing that I really love but I often push them aside for other projects (mainly sweaters). They are really such an ideal project though because they are so portable. Mainly I want to hone my skills to see what styles I really like. I have made a number of pairs but I am always unhappy with the length of the cuff, the style of heel, or the overall pattern. I pinned this guide to different heel styles a couple of months back. I want to give some of them a try. So here we go, a pair of socks a month for a year. Hopefully I can really hone my skills way.

2. Foreign Patterns  Speaking of honing skills, I really want to make more of a commitment to knit almost exclusively from patterns. I tend to enjoy knitting off the cuff because I can and because it is more of a creative process for me. The trade-off here is that knitting off the cuff means that I don’t learn any new skills. For example, Pull Gaspard taught me some new construction techniques and a new method for short rows. Nuvem taught me a new method for make one increasing that really helps the stitches around the increase to lay flat. Both super simple examples but worthwhile to learn. I have found that knitting foreign patterns has been the most fruitful patterns for this reason.

3. Blog Posting  I would like to make a commitment to publish here once a week. I get busy with school but I really feel like knitting and posting is helpful for maintaining balance through an otherwise stressful program. PhD work can be all consuming at times and posting here is a good way to force balance into my life. It is also a fun creative outlet that gives my brain a break from constant academic thinking/writing.

Here’s to a new year and more commitment to the craft.


6 thoughts on “New Years Resolutions

  1. I love your knitting goals for 2014! Lord knows I have enough sock yarn to knit a pair per month for the next 5 years… can’t wait to see what you crank out!

      • Great ideas – FYI, I’m hosting a sock knit along this week on my blog. There are a bunch of posts up already (and the whole thing is organized in the side bar of the main page). I put together a pattern for a simple sock knit in magic loop. It’s simple – but it works well every time and it’s easily modifiable. Maybe it’ll suit your needs!

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