New Year, New Hat

This is the first year I have brought in the new year with friends. I was especially excited to bring in 2014 with my college bestie. We celebrated last night with plenty of dancing and sparkles. Today we took it easy with a diner breakfast, some New Girl and a walk around the lake. All around a perfect Seattle day if you ask me.

Here we are on our walk. I decided a bit ago that I needed a new winter hat as mine was a bit cold for New York winter. I chose Varia by Dull Roar as my pattern (on my head on the left). Before my flight last week I frantically searched for some odds and ends to make a colorful hat and this is what I found (seriously 5 minutes before I walked out the door). The yarn is left over from some gloves (black), mittens (purple), a hat (yellow), and a goat (tan). I didn’t have enough yardage of any of them to make anything but a striped something and I am super happy with the result. This hat took me about 5 hours max. Such a rewarding break from my current sweater obsession. Shelbs is wearing my old hat in this picture. A Quotidian affectionately called my elf hat but the boyfriend. I am sad to see the elf hat go but I’m super excited for a warmer something to grace my head. Please excuse the crazy pictures, it was harder than I thought to get good pictures of the top of my head.

I made some substantial modifications to the pattern. I knit the suggested worsted weight yarn up on size 4 needles instead of the recommended size 8s. My gauge was quite a bit smaller than the one called for so I knit the largest size to make up for it. I also knit it up to be quite a bit shorter than the pattern. I am super happy with the finished product though. Something stylish and warm just in time for my trip back to NYC.


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