Spring Dreaming


Swatching for a lace weight Lavina in Madeline Tosh Prairie today. Can’t wait to cast on some Springy goodness.


Old(new) Favorites

It has been immensely cold in New York for the past month or so. When the cold first hit I was using a pair of store bought smart wool gloves. They worked pretty well but alas, the temperature soon dipped into the single digits and the flimsy store bought gloves were not cutting it. Frantically searching for something warmer and wishing I was a super knitter, I found these (unfinished) in my basket of knits. I remember knitting them a few years ago with some Cascade 220 held together with bits and pieces of leftover sock yarn. I was going for obnoxious and I think I succeeded. My favorite is the pink/orange colorway just below the top blue stripe, some yarn that was left over from some 70’s inspired socks for my mom.
In my frantic 15 minutes that I had until I had to run out the door I cinched the mittens closed without decreasing leaving a large hole in the top. Impractical for the warm weather but I can stick my finger out to use my phone!
I also neglected to weave any of the ends in. If I cared I would spend some time fixing them but I have to admit that I love the imperfections and unfinished nature of these mittens. Because I would never gift something to someone in a state like this, I know these are only for me. I also have to admit that the ends are fun to play with when I am bored waiting in endless NYC lines.
I think I am going to be forced to do a little maintenance on these soon because I recently found a stitch that I dropped. Hahaha, oh dear! I am little embarrassed that I am sharing these with you but they honestly might be one of my favorite knitted objects. In any case, they keep my poor hands warm. Do you guys have any unfinished knits that you love?