Easter Knits

Yikes! It has been so long since I have posted on here. To say that life caught up with me would be a drastic understatement. The lack of posting has been a combination of not having time to think about it and having a writing heavy semester (meaning no time for knit-reading). I have really finished very few things over this past few months and I feel weird about progress posts.

Anyway, I have two new project to show you and I am so excited about them both. The first is a perfect tie for my man. I had some pastel Koigu left over from a pair of socks and decided that it would be perfect for an Easter tie. I bought some charcoal grey to go with it an set off with my own take on this double-sided-stripe colorwork. This is the second attempt at this pattern and I am getting more confident in the shape of the neck tie every time. You can see the first iteration here.




I don’t know why but I have a little bit of an obsession with neckties. I always have loved them and I am so happy to have a man that love a good handknit one. There will probably be more to come.

The second project is my laceweight Lavina! So perfect for spring. I can’t even tell it’s wool when its warm outside. The lace is so airy and light. I knit this up in Madeline Tosh Prairie on size 2 needles. I knit the size 34 to accommodate my smaller gauge. I was unsure as I went about how much I would like it. After blocking however, I fell in love.





One of the very best things about this sweater is that I can dress it up so much and it looks delightful. The velvet skirt I am wearing there used to be my senior prom dress, an 80’s steal I found for $15. I chopped off the halter and sewed the top down to make a high-waisted skirt. It also looks good with the weathered jeans I slipped on afterwards for a visit with a newborn friend of mine. There will be many baby knits in the future.

We were dressed for church here but I think we will be ready for any fancy event that comes our way.