Easter Knits

Yikes! It has been so long since I have posted on here. To say that life caught up with me would be a drastic understatement. The lack of posting has been a combination of not having time to think about it and having a writing heavy semester (meaning no time for knit-reading). I have really finished very few things over this past few months and I feel weird about progress posts.

Anyway, I have two new project to show you and I am so excited about them both. The first is a perfect tie for my man. I had some pastel Koigu left over from a pair of socks and decided that it would be perfect for an Easter tie. I bought some charcoal grey to go with it an set off with my own take on this double-sided-stripe colorwork. This is the second attempt at this pattern and I am getting more confident in the shape of the neck tie every time. You can see the first iteration here.




I don’t know why but I have a little bit of an obsession with neckties. I always have loved them and I am so happy to have a man that love a good handknit one. There will probably be more to come.

The second project is my laceweight Lavina! So perfect for spring. I can’t even tell it’s wool when its warm outside. The lace is so airy and light. I knit this up in Madeline Tosh Prairie on size 2 needles. I knit the size 34 to accommodate my smaller gauge. I was unsure as I went about how much I would like it. After blocking however, I fell in love.





One of the very best things about this sweater is that I can dress it up so much and it looks delightful. The velvet skirt I am wearing there used to be my senior prom dress, an 80’s steal I found for $15. I chopped off the halter and sewed the top down to make a high-waisted skirt. It also looks good with the weathered jeans I slipped on afterwards for a visit with a newborn friend of mine. There will be many baby knits in the future.

We were dressed for church here but I think we will be ready for any fancy event that comes our way.


A Sweater for My Man

This little beauty marks the end of my Christmas knitting and I couldn’t be happier. Remember my Saturday deadline for the sweater? I met it and JB was able to wear this on Sunday. When he put it on for the first time I couldn’t stop giggling. Not sure why but I like to believe that it’s because I was just so giddy to have finally finished it. It might also be the fact that he just looks so darn good in it. Am I right?

The yarn is Valley Yarns Buckland. It’s a chain plied worsted weight yarn. A wool, silk, and nylon blend. When it came in the mail I was a little disappointed and when I swatched I was even more disappointed. Let me tell you though, I am glad I stuck with it because after blocking this yarn is a beauty! So soft, substantial and sturdy. It really took to the cables well an the chain plying adds a bit of texture to the stockinette. JB says it has a texture much like tree bark. Whatever it feels like, it does feel delightful. It’s going to be hard to keep my hands off this guy when he wears the sweater.

I forgot to get a closeup of the finished sweater but I was able to find some brass sailboat buttons (JB’s request). After searching online for several months, I took a trip to the garment district resigned to find some plain wood buttons at Lulu’s Button Shop (a great little gem). I jokingly asked if the owner had any sailboat buttons and to my surprise he had about four different styles! The perfect addition to a sweater fit for a sailing instructor. If I ever have to move from NYC I will definitely miss the plethora of fine crafting supplies at my disposal. For now, I will just be happy.

I also have to say that the pattern (Bespoken) is simply wonderful! It’s Knitthehellout’s first men’s sweater pattern and I won it in a giveaway. Thanks Cassi! It’s well written, easy to follow and seriously beautiful. The fit is amazing and I didn’t have to change much besides adding a few inches to the body and sleeves. The one other modification I made was adding a cable down the sleeves. JB has been drooling over cabled sweaters lately and I had to humor him. I think they add something nice though.

JB says he feels like he’s in Narnia when he wears this. A compliment to be sure! Whew! After all these gift knits I am feeling a little neglected. I’ll be casting on a selfish treasure tonight. A post will come soon.

Anniversary Socks

For my first month of the year of socks I knitted Simple Skyp Socks for my man JB.

As of December 30 we have been dating for one year! What better way to celebrate than with a new pair of socks?

I knitted these with one skein of Malabrigo Arroyo on size 2 needles. There was barely enough for the men’s large size. I knit to the very end of the ball. I wish I would have been able to knit a little bit of a longer cuff but this will have to do. While it isn’t technically a sock yarn this Superwash yarn knits up into a wonderful squishy and sturdy sock. Think enough for colder days but not quite a boot sock. I will be definitely be returning to this yarn for socks in the future.

I have had a series of mishaps with knitting socks lately and I am just super relieved that these fit perfectly. No complaints about the pattern at all. Very straight forward and a super quick knit.

Meadowlands: a Flea and a Sweater

ImageI finished my Hitch finally! I am calling my version Meadowlands in honor of the awesome flea market that we used as a backdrop for photos. How beautiful is that sky and more importantly how handsome is that man next to me?

ImageHahaha, we had a great day at the market with friends. I found an awesome collapsible metal shopping basket (pictured clearly below) and we happened upon this adorable handmade dollhouse. Just the sort I always wanted to make when I was younger. I will have to give my dreams another go when I have kids of my own because this was darling.

ImageMy favorite things about this sweater are the slouchy construction (so cozy), the cables which lay remarkably flat, and the garter stitch edges. I have an interesting love affair with wide garter stitch bands. They are super simple but somehow elegant.

ImageA shot of the garter stitch neckline. Mmmmmm.

ImageAn an “epic” shot to finish the post. I think my face really shows the victorious feelings I have about finishing this sweater in time for Thanksgiving next week, especially because I have about four Christmas gifts on needles. I was a bit ambitious this year so I don’t know how reasonable it is that I will finish everything. You can find details on some of the projects on ravelry.

Happy Friday, I am back to writing finals!

The Great Green Thing

I finally finished my Nuvem, or the Great Green Thing as it has been affectionately called by boyfriend’s family. This baby took me about four months and it was truly a pleasure to knit every stitch. At first I was a little intimidated by the miles of stockinette but let’s face it, I love the soothing motions of knit stitches. This really was a therapy project if there ever was one.


I knit this up with four skeins of Malabrigo Lace in Verde Adriana (my name and favorite color!). The yarn is so smooth and squishy and a pure joy to work with. The finished object is equally squishy and wonderful. In the two short weeks that this has been finished JB has taken to stealing it for use as a pillow for naps on the couch.


I absolutely love the increase sections. The increase method is an interesting twist on a make one increase which creates a smoother fabric and more even stitches. I will probably try to incorporate this method into more of my projects because I am always frustrated by the uneven stitches on either side of a make one. The only modification I made was to substitute the ruffle for ribbing around the edges. I am so happy with that choice, ruffles are still a tad too feminine for me.


Overall, this might truly be my favorite finished object to date. I am even contemplating casting on another one, the pattern is that addicting. If I am being honest though I am in love with almost all of Martina Behm’s patterns, especially her newest one Angles. I think I need to knit them all.


I will leave you with a totally goofy photo. I try to be all artsy and this is what happens. I should really leave the creative direction for photography to others more skilled than I. My only defense is that this shawl is seriously too large to reasonably capture in one go.


A Necktie Fit for the Circus

When I saw the Reversible Stripes Scarf in Purl Soho’s shop, I knew I had to give the stitch pattern a go. The stitch pattern is a bit confusing for the first few rows but once you get going it is easy, easy, easy. I love the way the stripes knit up. The vertical side reminds me of a circus performer. It is also a great pattern for impressing onlookers. I can’t count the number of inquiries I got about the pattern while knitting. If you want to look like a knitting master, you should definitely give this a shot.

2013-04-13 10.10.07

My mind has also been on men’s neckties lately and so this reversible striped necktie was born. You can’t see in these pictures but this is a square bottomed tie. I think the square shape really helps to emphasize the geometry of the stripes. This tie became a gift for JB’s brother. It is so wonderful to see my knits being worn with love!

2013-07-28 13.06.59

And a close up to showcase the knot.

2013-07-28 13.07.04

I am working on writing this up as my first free pattern. I figured I would start small and work my way up 🙂

A New Record and a New Sweater

And in what might by my biggest knitting feat to date, I knit an entire sweater in 6 days. SIX DAYS FROM CAST ON TO BLOCKING! Now to be fair, I had a long international flight and several substantial layovers to work on this. There is also the fact that the sweater has no sleeves. Nonetheless, I am very happy with the Cap Sleeve Lattice Top from PurlBee. The fit feels perfect and the organic cotton yarn is soft and airy. Perfect for Spring in NYC. I made a few modifications to the pattern so I could knit it in the round rather than up the back, over the shoulders, and down the front.

Love love love the eyelets!

Love love love the eyelets!

The pattern is knit from the bottom up starting with a 2×1 ribbing and a cute little eyelet row.


Continue on with about a mile of stockinette before a lattice knit pattern. There is no shaping in the pattern which is good and bad. I love the effortless feel of the garment as it kind of lays perfectly and lazily but I am a little worried about the structure of the garment overtime.


I bought the yarn when I was in Germany and it was providence that I just happened to have the correct size needles for the project. I may or may not have had to pull them out of a baby sweater to use them but no one really needs to know that.


My favorite part of the pattern might be the join between the body and the colored neck. It looks so delicate and dainty but really isn’t that spectacular. I love when knitting projects turn up little surprises at the end like this.