Knitting by Sunset

I locked myself out of my apartment this morning. It was one of those door closes and you suddenly realize that your keys are on the kitchen table kind of days. While it started out rough, it was made infinitely better by a productive writing day, free lunch, a free 1/2 pound of coffee, and the fact that my ears finally popped after 3 days of frustrating hearing loss caused by a plane flight!



I am currently sitting by the Hudson River watching the sun set and casting on a Larch Cardigan while I wait for my roommate to get out of class. Yet another hidden blessing in a bad day gone good.


Argyle Take 2

I am currently taking on my second pair of argyle socks. I haven’t posted pictures of the first pair here, but I knit them for my boyfriend in an attempt to woo him pre-dating. It worked because we are going on 7 months. Woohoo! When he asked me to knit him a second pair I groaned a little inside because I was not entirely happy with the only pattern I could find online. my disappointment came from the fact that it was only written for one size that wasn’t a great fit for JB. I can’t really fault the designer for this because the color chart pretty much dictates how many color repeats you can do. Short of making thigh-high socks, the pattern is what it is. Commence creating a new color chart and sock pattern!

So far I have finished the cuff of one sock and I am super happy with JB’s color choices. They are perhaps a little patriotic for my tastes but they look good anyway. I also love that I can include smaller diamonds of color rather than the extra large ones in my first pattern.

2013-07-17 22.32.43

The next frustration I had with these socks came from the immense tangled mess that my color work ends up in. This wasn’t going to fly for long…

2013-07-10 21.14.17

I had read a little about color work “butterflies” before but hadn’t quite figured it out. After perusing the Internet a little bit I found a method that works for me. I wound small yarn pulls in a figure eight around my fingers…

2013-07-10 21.31.34

…and wound the yarn around itself.

2013-07-10 21.29.22

Tada! Center pull yarn butterflies!

2013-07-10 21.41.29

So neat and tidy I can knit these standing up on the subway.

2013-07-10 21.41.19

My next task is to find a heel flap and toe that I really like for this pattern. The original pattern calls for a heel flap that is a little loose and a star toe. I don’t really like either so its back to the drawing board!

Nuvem Progress!

I am making progress on my Nuvem. I found the pattern on Ravelry and fell in love right away. I had the Malabrigo Lace in my stash and knew it was destined to become this blanket sized shawl/scarf/wrap. My initial goal was to knit it up in time for my trip to Germany but I grossly underestimated the devotion such a large project would take. Here are some progress photos.


Nuvem was once the perfect size for knit-walking.

I am very happy with the yarn choice here. Malabrigo is delightfully squishy and soft while remaining light and airy. My favorite part of the whole project is the construction. Knit from a straight line from the center outward, the project is incredibly difficult to describe but the result is so mesmerizing and the stockinette is beautiful. I am planning a ribbed edge like this one instead of the ruffle in the pattern. The ruffle is a bit too much for me.


Knitting Nuvem in Germany

The worst part about the project is that it quickly became too large for subway knitting which means I have not been working on it quite as much as I would like. I keep leaving it at home in favor of more manageable projects. It also is so large that it feels like I am wearing a blanket. This would be a cozy perk of the knitting if it weren’t in the upper 90’s outside. I am almost done with my second ball. Then just 2 more to go. I can’t wait to cozy up in this when school starts up again! Right now I am anxious to see how big this actually is. It is big enough to be all squished up on two circular needles but I can’t wait for the big reveal at bind-off!

So squishy I’m gonna die!

A couple months back I bought 3 skeins of Malabrigo Lace yarn at a moving sale at my LYS. Ever since then I have been drooling over 1500 yards of beautiful lace weight wool. I even resorted to cuddling it close to my face a couple of times. Patterns came and went but I never found a project worthy of the yarn. That is, until I saw the Die Cut Vest on the cover of Knit.Wear Magazine.


The pattern is knit in a linen yarn and I was a little skeptical about knitting this up in a fluffy wool. I am pleasantly surprised by the way the pattern is knitting up although I am a little uncomfortable with the idea of a wool vest. In the Northeast it might not make a ton sense to have a sleeveless wool garment. I may end up adding sleeves at some point but for now I am planning to follow the pattern. Here is my progress on the lace portion. I love the way it looks and I can’t wait to see it blocked out! Even more, it just feels so wonderful and squishy.


With that, I’m off for a day full of fiber lust with my boyfriend and his mom. I have plans to find a red floral fabric to match this odd skein of Malabrigo lace. I bought it at the same time as the pink and again, have been drooling over the color for about 5 months. Not only is it beautiful, it shares my name! I’m thinking it will look wonderful in a geometric lace/fabric hybrid project. More to come on that. It will be a patternless adventure.


A colorwork obsession

In my newest obsession with knitting, I have embarked on a number of projects to practice my colorwork. Recent adventures have been a pair of argyle socks, a color block sweater, a plaid experiment (a secret as of yet), and this: a striped necktie.


Inspiration for the project comes from my boyfriend’s love for knitted ties and this striped scarf pattern from Purlbee. I went into the store last weekend and fell in love with the stitch pattern from their shop sample.

Pictures of my other colorwork projects are coming soon.

Stripe Obssession

I have recently realized that a majority of my clothing has horizontal stripes. At the risk of looking like a perpetual inmate, I decided on a horizontal stripe pattern when I cast on my next project.


I just finished the yoke and now all I have to do is add a ribbed border and do some finishing work. I am super excited because this is the first sweater I have ever done without a pattern. I literally cast on and went for it. It looks so great right now and I am beyond excited to see how it looks when I am finished! Update to come…

It’s a party!

Today I am having a blocking party with myself. My latest obsession has been vowels and I have knit exactly 5 of them in the past week or so.

These are the gems and I am so excited about them. I especially love my braided cable cowl (if anyone has a better name than that suggestions are being accepted).


I’m pretty sure these cowls will end up on my etsy shop (a work in progress) so I’m pretty stoked!