Anniversary Socks

For my first month of the year of socks I knitted Simple Skyp Socks for my man JB.

As of December 30 we have been dating for one year! What better way to celebrate than with a new pair of socks?

I knitted these with one skein of Malabrigo Arroyo on size 2 needles. There was barely enough for the men’s large size. I knit to the very end of the ball. I wish I would have been able to knit a little bit of a longer cuff but this will have to do. While it isn’t technically a sock yarn this Superwash yarn knits up into a wonderful squishy and sturdy sock. Think enough for colder days but not quite a boot sock. I will be definitely be returning to this yarn for socks in the future.

I have had a series of mishaps with knitting socks lately and I am just super relieved that these fit perfectly. No complaints about the pattern at all. Very straight forward and a super quick knit.


New Year, New Hat

This is the first year I have brought in the new year with friends. I was especially excited to bring in 2014 with my college bestie. We celebrated last night with plenty of dancing and sparkles. Today we took it easy with a diner breakfast, some New Girl and a walk around the lake. All around a perfect Seattle day if you ask me.

Here we are on our walk. I decided a bit ago that I needed a new winter hat as mine was a bit cold for New York winter. I chose Varia by Dull Roar as my pattern (on my head on the left). Before my flight last week I frantically searched for some odds and ends to make a colorful hat and this is what I found (seriously 5 minutes before I walked out the door). The yarn is left over from some gloves (black), mittens (purple), a hat (yellow), and a goat (tan). I didn’t have enough yardage of any of them to make anything but a striped something and I am super happy with the result. This hat took me about 5 hours max. Such a rewarding break from my current sweater obsession. Shelbs is wearing my old hat in this picture. A Quotidian affectionately called my elf hat but the boyfriend. I am sad to see the elf hat go but I’m super excited for a warmer something to grace my head. Please excuse the crazy pictures, it was harder than I thought to get good pictures of the top of my head.

I made some substantial modifications to the pattern. I knit the suggested worsted weight yarn up on size 4 needles instead of the recommended size 8s. My gauge was quite a bit smaller than the one called for so I knit the largest size to make up for it. I also knit it up to be quite a bit shorter than the pattern. I am super happy with the finished product though. Something stylish and warm just in time for my trip back to NYC.

New Years Resolutions

The other day my boyfriend asked me if I was going to make any resolutions for the new year. I honestly don’t think I have ever made a resolution before so the question really stumped me. I can’t really think about anything about my general life that I would really like to change but I do have some knitting goals that I need to make happen.

1. Year of Socks  One pair of socks a month for the whole year. Socks are one thing that I really love but I often push them aside for other projects (mainly sweaters). They are really such an ideal project though because they are so portable. Mainly I want to hone my skills to see what styles I really like. I have made a number of pairs but I am always unhappy with the length of the cuff, the style of heel, or the overall pattern. I pinned this guide to different heel styles a couple of months back. I want to give some of them a try. So here we go, a pair of socks a month for a year. Hopefully I can really hone my skills way.

2. Foreign Patterns  Speaking of honing skills, I really want to make more of a commitment to knit almost exclusively from patterns. I tend to enjoy knitting off the cuff because I can and because it is more of a creative process for me. The trade-off here is that knitting off the cuff means that I don’t learn any new skills. For example, Pull Gaspard taught me some new construction techniques and a new method for short rows. Nuvem taught me a new method for make one increasing that really helps the stitches around the increase to lay flat. Both super simple examples but worthwhile to learn. I have found that knitting foreign patterns has been the most fruitful patterns for this reason.

3. Blog Posting  I would like to make a commitment to publish here once a week. I get busy with school but I really feel like knitting and posting is helpful for maintaining balance through an otherwise stressful program. PhD work can be all consuming at times and posting here is a good way to force balance into my life. It is also a fun creative outlet that gives my brain a break from constant academic thinking/writing.

Here’s to a new year and more commitment to the craft.

Knitting Swag



This was a good year for knitting gifts. Mostly because I received my first ever swift and ball winder. People know me so well. Here I am giving it a try for the first time. Please excuse the silly faces, I was giddy.


Pure joy…IMG_4337

My mom got the swift from Knit Picks. It is a little sticky but I expect that the wood will wear down with use. The ball winder is from Stanwood Needlecraft. Its all metal and super sturdy. My boyfriend’s mom picked a good one. The cone is a little large and I was worried that it would wind too loosely but it wound these small balls perfectly. I expect that it will be very versatile. 


My Mom also compiled a do it yourself yarn club for me. I have four months of projects. Yay! IMG_4349

Finally, she made me some bracelets out of my Grandma’s old knitting needles. A special gift after a rough year processing her death. Hope you all had a great Christmas! Look out for more updates about some of my gift knitting in the next couple of days. IMG_4350

Thoughts Amidst Christmas Knitting


My hands have been extremely busy these past couple of months with Christmas knitting. I am just about finished with t last gift. I am hoping to finish this weekend. Yikes! I think this is my biggest crafting holiday yet and I am super excited for my creations to make their way into the hands of all the people I love most.

Since I can’t share any gift photos can I jut share the beauty of a simple linen stitch? I’m knitting up a scarf out of some leftovers from my Hitch. Ahhhh, I love the motion of linen stitch and I love the way the stitches lay flat and perfect.

Also in non Christmas news, I have been saving this skein of Madeline Tosh sock yarn in colorway Violas as a reward for finishing my gift knits. In the bank it looks like flamingos on an AstroTurf lawn and I love it. I have been so good and haven’t even wound the skein. It’s my only motivation to finish quickly.


Meadowlands: a Flea and a Sweater

ImageI finished my Hitch finally! I am calling my version Meadowlands in honor of the awesome flea market that we used as a backdrop for photos. How beautiful is that sky and more importantly how handsome is that man next to me?

ImageHahaha, we had a great day at the market with friends. I found an awesome collapsible metal shopping basket (pictured clearly below) and we happened upon this adorable handmade dollhouse. Just the sort I always wanted to make when I was younger. I will have to give my dreams another go when I have kids of my own because this was darling.

ImageMy favorite things about this sweater are the slouchy construction (so cozy), the cables which lay remarkably flat, and the garter stitch edges. I have an interesting love affair with wide garter stitch bands. They are super simple but somehow elegant.

ImageA shot of the garter stitch neckline. Mmmmmm.

ImageAn an “epic” shot to finish the post. I think my face really shows the victorious feelings I have about finishing this sweater in time for Thanksgiving next week, especially because I have about four Christmas gifts on needles. I was a bit ambitious this year so I don’t know how reasonable it is that I will finish everything. You can find details on some of the projects on ravelry.

Happy Friday, I am back to writing finals!

Birthday Sweater and a Mishap

This post began in my head a few days ago when I finished the front of my Hitch.


I was making great progress on the back and was coming to the sleeve increases when I went to count the rows on the front just to make sure everything matched up. Sadly, I found this…



I dropped a stitch all the way at the bottom right above the waistband. Sad day! I remember splitting for the neck opening and being off by one stitch. I went through and looked for a dropped stitch but couldn’t find one so I just assumed that I had missed an increase somewhere along the way. I fudged the neckline to make up for the one stitch (I never worry about one stitch). I don’t really know what to do to save the little guy from dropping all the way down but I am determined to find a way because there is no way I am ripping out the entire front. I’m just about finished with the back now and I have plans to wear this on Thanksgiving weekend. I need finishing goals right now because I have exactly 4 Christmas knits on the needles with no end in sight…

Any suggestions on what to do with the dropped stitch? It is only 2 from the edge so it might be easy to pick up while I am seaming.