No longer a sweater but not quite yarn.

One of my favorite knitting feats is ripping out a thrifted sweater and knitting it into a new design. I have done it twice before and both times I have been immensely pleased with the results. You can see one of my finished pieces here. Pictures of my most recent project to come soon, hopefully. There are several things I love about this process.

1. You can find sweater quantities of high quality yarn for SUPER cheap. Think Angora, Silk, Wool blends for $10 a sweater. Simply irresistible.

2. Come on folks, frogging is fun. Admit it.

3. There is something beautiful about seeing an ugly thrift store sweater transformed into a garment that someone would actually want to wear. It really reinforces my love for the process of knitting to see a garment come full circle.

I am currently ripping out this red cotton sweater. The yarn is sportweight-ish. Not quite sure but that seems about right. I think I will knit it up into either the Everyday Linen Pullover or the Sweatshirt Sweater. Thoughts?

One potential problem I see with this particular sweater is that it appears to have been knitted white and then dyed red as a whole garment. I haven’t encountered this before in a sweater that I have ripped out.

If I actually get a chance sometime, I will post some instructions on how to do it. I haven’t ever read anything on how to pull apart a sweater. As with most of my knitting projects, I just decide to do it and hope everything works out. More often than not it does, by some crazy stroke of luck. Hence the blog title.