Nuvem Progress!

I am making progress on my Nuvem. I found the pattern on Ravelry and fell in love right away. I had the Malabrigo Lace in my stash and knew it was destined to become this blanket sized shawl/scarf/wrap. My initial goal was to knit it up in time for my trip to Germany but I grossly underestimated the devotion such a large project would take. Here are some progress photos.


Nuvem was once the perfect size for knit-walking.

I am very happy with the yarn choice here. Malabrigo is delightfully squishy and soft while remaining light and airy. My favorite part of the whole project is the construction. Knit from a straight line from the center outward, the project is incredibly difficult to describe but the result is so mesmerizing and the stockinette is beautiful. I am planning a ribbed edge like this one instead of the ruffle in the pattern. The ruffle is a bit too much for me.


Knitting Nuvem in Germany

The worst part about the project is that it quickly became too large for subway knitting which means I have not been working on it quite as much as I would like. I keep leaving it at home in favor of more manageable projects. It also is so large that it feels like I am wearing a blanket. This would be a cozy perk of the knitting if it weren’t in the upper 90’s outside. I am almost done with my second ball. Then just 2 more to go. I can’t wait to cozy up in this when school starts up again! Right now I am anxious to see how big this actually is. It is big enough to be all squished up on two circular needles but I can’t wait for the big reveal at bind-off!